Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Donut nail art and a croissant?!

Helllooooo. I'm happy because I got a good grade for my first project of year 2 woohoo I thought I was going to do pretty bad but I got pretttty good :). Also I finally got my mits on 3 Rimmel Apocalips and I see what all the fuss is about :D and finally people were very complimentry and shocked at my donuts ;). You know that feeling you get when they say "did you do that yourself......nooooo! It's so good" Hahahahahahah best feeling ever!
Yeah I have been trying to do some nail art but all I could think about were donuts, I don't like donuts to eat but I like them on nails so I had to get them out of my system so I could get on with my nail art life :P. There's not much else to say....the base is Illamasqua Caress of course :).

In my defense this croissant is rather round and it has a hole ;) hehe. I think I like these lol! My right hand donuts aren't outlined because life's too short for that, ain' nobody got time for that! (please tell me someone gets that reference!!) plus my nail art pen is dying, the polish has started getting gloopy and stringy so it would have been too much effort :P no one seemed to notice anyway so it don't mattttter.

As most of you probably know I'm going to NEW YORK!!! Next week man! So I was wondering if anyone knows the best make up shops, cheap eateries, bakeries esp for macaroons (need my macaroon hit!) thrift shops etc etc We are going to Sephora cos how could I not!!! We are staying in Chelsea for reference. Weeeeee so excited! Any good galleries also, we are going to MoMA and Whitney.


Nail Dazzler Nails said...

Such a cute nail art. Love it :)

Lizzy said...

lol I get it. ;) Dude! Your donuts are crazy good! The detail!! o_O So jealous. Hope you have fun in New York!! Wish I could help with stuff to see, but I've only ever been to Rockaway, NY and that was 16 years ago. :p Ermahgerd your donuts are amazeballs!!!!

Unknown said...

The nail art is random but cute, and I love that you are holding a croissant with it haha. And I totally get your reference :P Have fun in NY! I've never been so I don't have any recommendations sadly.

Kas said...

I love donuts and croissants. I love your nail art. Ergo I really love this post :P

~Daysi said...

I love your nails, they are so cool! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! This isn't spam - it's actually an award bloggers are nominating other bloggers for! Please take a minute to read about it on my post here (I was nominated as well)http://www.nailcrazewithdayze.com/2013/02/versatile-award-and-nominees.html

Unknown said...

Oh my god, its sooooooooo beautiful!

Tamit24 said...

I am just amazed- these nails are perfect, so cute :)
Love it!

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