Sunday, 3 February 2013

Another gorgeous Illamasqua swatch - Caress

Hi! Another day another Illamasqua beauty! They really are my favourites :) Caress is a pale blue that is by no means a boring snoozy baby blue, it is soft but bright which makes for a very flattering combination. No lobster hands here. This is the perfect Cinderella blue, the colour of her ball gown is this colour in my head :D.
Warning: Mahoosive ridges ahead....I had no time to smooth them with topcoat! Sorrrrry.

Two smooth coats. Dries lovely and glossy on its own. Quick dry time. Perfection in a bottle!!! If you've never tried an Illamasqua polish I implore you to get at least one! I haven't heard much about Caress as it's quite an old polish but for me it deserves more attention!
Check back soon for some tasty nail art ;) oooh spoilers ;P
Have a good week! 


Unknown said...

The length and shape of your nails makes this polish look so much more interesting than it would on my boring average looking nails lol! Stunning photography though <3

Kas said...

What a pretty blue! And your cup/mug(?) looks like it's covered in spiders the longer I look at it :P

Cupcake said...

The colour is really pretty, and ur nails are just: wow!!!

M. Fourey said...

It's lovely! ^^ Sweet but bold, I love versatile polishes like this one! :D

I sent you an e-mail some days ago, by the way! Have you changed your address? Or maybe it ended up in spam accidentally! Let me know! :)

Lizzy said...

I didn't even notice your ridges until you said something. :p This polish looks great on you! Nice and cool and wintery. I can't wait to get my hands on some Illamasqua, but I'll probably have to wait 'til November for my birthday. >.<

Unknown said...

Awww o cute!

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