Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New yooooooork

New york, new york newwww yoooooork (singing that...) So I am off at 3am :D I cannot wait! My nails for the occasion are a little underwhelming to be honest....just accents of flags and then plain colour (I chose Nails Inc Baker Street after this photo was taken)
WARNIN' Nekked nails ahead, you've been warned!

The base is OPI Swimsuit Nailed it of course ;) my lines are a bit wonky on the American flag but hey I was using my left hand ;) ahhh I just didn't know what else to put on the other fingers so I just went plain. I actually went out with my nails like this! Hahaha. The American flag was inspired by The Illustrated Nail, my fav.
You know when I get back I'll show ya'll my purchases (just polish or beauty etc too?) and pictures. Weeeeheeeee.
See you when I'm back!!


Lizzy said...

So cute!! (I totally read that as singing lol) Hope you have a great time in New Yoooooooork! :D Also, your nails look phenomenal when naked. How do you keep them from staining? I wear basecoat all the time but my stupid nails are still yellow. :p

M. Fourey said...

Perrrrrrfect! Have a nice trip Abbie, and haul hard!

Unknown said...

So creative!!! Loved it!

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