Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Matte White with neon rose nail art

I've been super busy with uni work (what's new?) so not a lot of time for nails as usual :( although I did manage to swatch Gosh Holographic Hero but the pictures don't do it any justice so I didn't post it, I might post it later if I can.
I painted my nails white as I think they can look really chic as long as it's a good application, I was watching QVC this morning like you do and Nails Inc was on and the lady said something like ugh nobody wants white nails, they're so 80s! Lol! Not to me ;). I mattified one hand to originally show you but I ended up mattifying all my nails :)
I new I wanted to add some nail art and that it was going to be neon as the white base was screaming for it ;) this was my first time doing roses since Feb 2012!! LOL I was obviously scarred by my only attempt. I never could get my head around how to do roses for some reason....but I do now :)
I wanted to hold a typically british biscuit like a custard cream but we had eaten them all so I settled for a breakfast biscuit :P. Biscuits were needed for 2 reasons; 1. they're yuuuummy and 2. I thought my nails look like a floral teacup....yeah. 

I just mixed I'm With the Lifeguard with a black polish to make the darker green and the neon pink is SpaRitual Dreamsicle. I didn't add a topcoat as I liked how everything is matte :)
It must be a while since I have done real nail art as I tried to do my right hand and even with such a simple design I failed D: first time in a long time I've only got one hand done! tutututut need to get back into doing more nail art...any requests??
Hope you like it! 


M said...

Oh my gosh Abbie, these are possibly the most beautiful nails I've ever seen!
You have a huge talent for nail art :D

Mollie xo

Unknown said...

OMGGGG FLORAL!! You totally blew me away with this one. Can you please do this on my nails for me?! Or post a tutorial so I can attempt to recreate your awesomeness...>.<

Tamit24 said...

When I saw this design I just thought: a floral teacup! :D these nails are so beautiful! Looove it.
I'm so jelaous of the floral pattern- I cannot paint even sth sililar :(

Galorious said...

this is so pretty! they really suit your nail shape!

Katie Simpson said...

Beautiful as always, I love your nails :)

Lizzy said...

OMG I hate when people get all snotty like that. :p I love white nails! Like you said, as long as the application is good. Especially on your gorgeous, long nails it looks great! Awesome flowers, too. The white background really helps them pop. :) Totally love the matte finish as well. Adds a whole different appeal. <3

M. Fourey said...

They look absolutely fabulous, I can't believe this is your 2nd time doing flowers. They are so detailed and... well.. perfect. That Lady over at Nails Inc didn't know what she was talking about, clealy!

Unknown said...

So beautiful!

Kas said...

That's gorgeous! The detailing on the flowers is perfect!

Choi said...

Gorgeous nails. My white polish has gone all goopy from abusing it but when I get a new one I'm gonna try out some white nails :D

I've nominated your blog for a liebstar award. Check out my blog for the details if you like :)

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