Monday, 8 April 2013

Chanel Frenzy - I'm just not that into you

I am currently wearing Chanel Frenzy and I'm so disappointed with it...I fell for the photos of it that came from Fashion Week, I ignored online swatches from countless bloggers who, like me, fell for those photos, they all said it looks nothing like the photos but I might change colour on me! Pah. Soooooo wrong and it makes me sad :(.
Here's the photo in question
How beautiful, a grey with lilac jelly goodness...
(I found the image on google, I don't know the original source, if anyone does let me know)

In real life it looks more like a stone wash...
Anyone else seeing the same polish here??

I dunno I just felt so in love with it from the picture and even in the bottle but when it's on it just falls flat for me :( it needs a hint of lilac and more grey and I'd love it! It's too nude for me, I guess it looks quite polished and chic but it's not what I was expecting!

The formula was perf though, I did 3 coats to fill my canyons but 2 would have been sufficient for those of you who haven't got ridge related impairments.

In other news, I am creating some nails for the second issue of Tipsyzine! Yay :) I'm really happy that they asked me to contribute again, especially with the calibre of nail artists that they feature! I'll show you them when I've finished of course :).
Also I am literally dying to get my hands on some Flossgloss...namely Con Limon (who doesn't want that neon perfection!) Neon Nacho, Perf and Fastlane :D my problem is I probably can't afford them and shipping is dodgey with regards to nail polish now, but that might only be with Royal Mail. Hmmm I'll get saving I guess!  


Kas said...

I can see what you mean about it being polished and chic but it is kind of eh.

Unknown said...

Looks more putty in person than in the promo picture. Not a terrible color though, just nothing that unique!

Lizzy said...

OMG I'm going to have to kick blogger in the head. I don't think it's so bad, but a flash of lilac would have been perfect.

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