Thursday, 4 April 2013

Now on Bloglovin :)

In an effort to be more organised and to make sure I don't miss any blog posts and so that you can follow my blog easily I have joined bloglovin, so just click the button on the left to follow my blog :)

Okay why have I only just found out about this?? It makes reading blogs so easy! I love it lol! I know what I'm doing tonight ;) peeeeheeee

I have also downloaded the bloglovin Iphone app and I recommend it, it's free and makes reading all your favourite blogs extremely easy, especially if those blogs usually have a lot of comments as reading the blogs in the app means that you don't see the comments, you have the option to then open the post in safari.
You can then push the post upwards and then you will be reading the next post on your reading list. You can like posts too which means they are then saved so you can easily find them at a later date! You can search for blogs in the same way as you would on the website. The app is just a really good and useful!


Lizzy said...

*teehee* I signed up just for you even though I just delete all my bloglovin' emails. LOL Easier to just read them off the blogger page before I start up my own post. ;) Congrats, though! Hope it helps with the being more organized.

Unknown said...

I didn't know about the app! I need to check that out, thanks for the tip.

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