Monday, 20 May 2013

Flossgloss Perf with barfing Unicorns

For the past couple of days I've been wearing Flossgloss Perf which is a baby pink crème, I like many others thought it would be a pink tinged with lavender but alas nay it is just a straight up pink, which made me sad...I wanted lavender pink :(. Although I didn't like this colour, I just don't get along with pink, no matter how hard I try, everyone at uni and even the boyf liked this colour.

 The nail art came as a response to this colour, I felt it was too girly so I thought "hmmmm
what's totally girly? Unicorns! Duh." I didn't want to do girly unicorns though, these are more ironic? Unicorn butt, multi-coloured poo, neighing a rainbow.
Can you see those lips sticking out on my pinky? They join up to my ring ;) to make the face paha, on my right hand the middle finger is the face that horses do when they lift their lips above their teeth :P hahahahaha it's a bit grotesque which is why I like it ;) the speech bubble says Barf, not bad handwriting to say I did it left handed, all that practicing must have paid off haha.
It's a shame I didn't get on with Perf as I'm sure to most people it would be just that; perf...perfection ;). I'm not sure what I'm doing next on my nails. I am thinking of making business cards though, everytime I go out I get people asking about my nails so I thought I could give them a card with my blog on it ;) hehehe


Lacqueerisa said...

Hahaha!! I say, go ahead and make a card for the blog! It saves so much time explaining! Hahhah I love what you did with the nails, and yes I could tell it was the continuity from the ring finger onto the pinky. Hahahhaa I LOVE THE RAINBOW POO hahahahhaha! It's so funny! I don't usually get along with pink either, but yes those tint with lavenders are just right. Etude House #PP501 do fall into very light pastel lavender shade which is somewhat pinkish too. You might wanna check it out in case it could be the shade you're looking for. It has nice bottle too! ;)

Katie Simpson said...

Haha! These are incredible cute and totally hilarious! Love the unicorn poop and the barfing, totally up my alley lol. I will admit though I am a total sucker for really sickly pinks :)

Lizzy said...

That is hilarious!!! XD Absolutely love it. I would love to see your nails in person because those pics could totally be photoshopped. I know they're not, but they're just THAT good! It blows my mind!!!

Kas said...

Lol those are wicked cute! And you for sure should make cards!

This is random but is the left side of your layout supposed to scroll? After "I'm Abbie, 20 from Suffolk, UK. My" it just stops and doesn't go further.

Tamit24 said...

omg! this is incredible *.*

Galorious said...

omg LOL these are so creative!

gin shivers said...

Hej I am a big fan of yours so I decided to nominate you for the best blog award!!!Check out the rules in the link and keep up the good work :) Damn I love your nail shape <3

Unknown said...

Rainbow turds and puke, what more could a lady ask for?! ;) Glorious!

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