Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Con Limon got pimped out

Hey! I can't believe it...second year is over :( the final critique went well it just lasted for 6 hours :O didn't get out of the room at uni till 8pm, no food, no water, no seats hahahah it was good though :P. It's sad though, we are going out on Friday for two birthdays and to celebrate our end of year so I am looking forward to that, I've got to get something to wear though and maybe a bag that I can diy ;). (That's totally my new addiction, I'm currently diying on some jeans, I might show you when they're done).

Anywhoooom, so Con Limon is pretty awesome on it's own so I thought I'd go a bit crazy again and just bling it out. It feels good to have such garish nails ;) been getting a lot of comments on these from guys hahaha 'they're awesome' and 'they're a bit subtle' yeaaaaah. I added the snake and starfish charms from Hex nail Jewelry :)

Also rocking 'Louboutin' nails but with Perf underneath ;)

Like I said I am loving these, I wish I had more places to go and be all in people's faces, being cool but I'm not :( haha! I'll make do with displaying them when I go into town, you know, pushing your money across the till with your nails and typing your pin number in slowly so they might catch a glance ;). Ahh the life of a nail freak!
I didn't do my thumbs as when I did these I was busy typing my workbook so I didn't want them to catch on the keys as I was going to do some chain dangling action, I might add chains tomorrow :).
I'm not sure if I'll be able to get any of these studs/gems off though...I kind of used A LOT of seche vite to make sure they stayed on but there's no sign that they are ever coming off :P
I just wanted to give some love to the blog galorious, she has really neat swatches and nail art and is British (yeaaah boi) and is a new blog I have recently enjoyed :) she seems really sweet too, which is always a good thing :D so go show her some love!
Thanks for the blog suggestions, I checked them all out, I don't mind people leaving their blog addresses in the comments but I always go on everyone who comments profiles anyway so you don't have to :)


Unknown said...

I love what you did here, great manicure!

Unknown said...

I love these! Your nails are incredible - how do you keep them in such great shape?!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I love the chevron shape you've created, definitely going to have a go, although my nails are no where near as long and elegant as yours!

Galorious said...

ooohmigooosh! this looks so good! i think you should try louboutin nails cause your nails are so long!

Galorious said...

i really want to see what your natural nails look like!

M. Fourey said...

Lurve'em badly! That's how a nail addict goes hulk! :D The Vs and the gradients are my faves!!

Lizzy said...

O~M~G!!!! I think my heart skipped a beat. Or two. ;) hehehe I do the same thing when I've got really fab nails, but then they only get noticed when I'm not paying attention! XD I'm wearing Radium tomorrow!!! Hope it looks half as good on me as it did on you.

Katie Simpson said...

I LOVE these pimped out! And I'm super jealous of your beautifully long nails :( they look amazing on you!

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