Sunday, 18 August 2013

Recent nail looks

Hey remember me? :P
Life is just getting in the way of my nails at the moment but it's my 21st birthday next week :O so I need to think of some fitting nails!

Anyway I have amassed a small collection of photos of random nails that I've done but aren't worthy of a whole post dedicated to them so I thought I'd show you them now :)

A while ago when I had Chanel Bel - Argus on my nails I did a dry marble look with Azure and took photos but never got round to posting it!
See it's easier to see the difference when compared to Bel Argus on its own :P I thought it looked really pretty! It was super easy to do just blob both colours on and mix with a pointy stick/brush/toothpick whatever! I added some pearls and HEX charms to complete the look...
Iphone photo sorry! On my thumb I went for the water reflecting light...I'm not sure if it worked but I put a turtle swimming across it hahah

I recently acquired OPI- My vampire is Buff in the continued search for my perfect nude...
still not perfect but a really nice nude anyway! It gives that polished look that I sometimes enjoy to rock inbetween my more in your face manis :P (nude comparison post coming up!)

And I've had this very simple nail art on on for over a week now!! I cut my nails down seriously this week too, they were well over an inch long :O I'm not sure that you'll be able to tell that they have been shortened though as they are still very long :P
So I am loving the whole negative space thing that's happening at the moment! I put the polish a little beneath my natural tip as I didn't want to go for a French mani look :P

I think I am going to have a solid colour for a couple of days whilst I plan my birthday nails!!
Hope everyone is well! And thank you to those loyal readers/commenters you make this worthwhile and I love you! Especially you Lizzy!!! :)


Unknown said...

Loving them all :)

M. Fourey said...

They all look stunning, and yup I can tell your nails have been shortened! They're still gorgeously long so no problem! :p

Choi said...

Course we remember you! Your nails and hand pose is pretty distinctive. I like your nude mani, that one would be almost perfect in my books with just a little something missing. Still looks good though :D

Lizzy said...

Happy early Birthday!!! I love that dry marble! :D So pretty! Also, yes, I remember you. ;) lol Hope you have a fantastic birthday.

Unknown said...

I have nominated you from the blog your heart out award. please see


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