Sunday, 25 March 2012

Max Factor Dazzling Blue Swatches and Review

Good evening! I am very excitable tonight as I have something super fun and well exciting happening sooon :). Tonight I have the most amazingly gorgeous polish eva...Max Factor Dazzling Blue, I guarantee that you will want it, it's beautiful *picture heavy post ahead*
First though the boring bit ;) it needs to be layered so I chose Blueberry Ice Cream by Barry M as the base colours seem pretty similar. It is a nice creme that is quite vibrant, I think mine has gone a bit gloopy as I have mistakenly left my polishes in their plastic box next to the window and I think the heat has made them a bit cray (new favourite word, thanks Kanye) so I have moved them and I hope they all go back to normal, if that is possible? Anywayyyyy I only used one coat as it would soon be covered. 
It looks bumpy cos it was, I was in a rush to get out in the sun and admire my nails lol. 
Now the exciting bit, Dazzling Blue is amazeballs, yep I said it, I also think that it deserves to be sold out all the time like it's sister Fantasy Fire, it's honestly that good!! 
This is what it looks like most of the time, blue with that amazing lime green shimmer and also a lemon yellow shimmer that comes from the top, this picture doesn't do it justice at's so intense IRL. 

Blurry again but it shows the duochrome goodness! Purple, green and blue.

Blurry but in the shade you can see the purple that comes out to play.

Tomorrow I will try and take pictures that show it off even better as this polish deserves better. I sound a bit obsessed but that is because I am!! When I look at my nails it reminds me of butterflies, mermaids and the ocean, it's honestly so gorgeous. I can't stop looking at my nails, even more than when I was wearing Saint George! It's so fiery and intense, the green and the sparkle are unlike anything I've seen before. If you are in the UK you must get this! It makes me happy looking at it. 
I am wearing two coats with one coat of SH ID, it can be quite brush stroke prone at one coat but the second thick coat sorts it out as long as you are careful, yes there are still brush strokes but all I can see is the sparkle and shimmer of green! I am in love! Again :P. 
Underrated star, most definitely, I have only seen this polish on 1 blog, I can't believe it, it's so beautiful!

I hope you have enjoyed this polish as much as I have!


Lizzy said...

That is gorgeous!!! The Blueberry Ice Cream is pretty, too. :D Can't wait to see more pics.

Unknown said...

SO lovely! Max Factor has some pretty cool stuff!

Paulina said...

Very lovely! Can't wait to see the other pictures!!

Abbienail said...

Glad you agree! yeah it is but I love Dazzling Blue too much!

Abbienail said...

:) they do actually, I never really paid them attention before the whole fantasy fire thing

NellaTheDiva said...

Beautiful! I tagged you in a "Get to know you" Tag! Check it out!

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