Wednesday, 28 March 2012

L'oreal Perle de jade NOTD

Hi lovelies, tonight I have a newish (?) shade from L'oreal which is a brand I have never tried however Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer and the promo shots looked so good, I couldn't resist. Perle de Jade is a dusty jade and it is rather lovely. I used two coats and all of the pictures are shot in indirect sunlight. You might notice how small the L'oreal bottles are they are 5ml for £4.99! So expensive for so little!
 I chose Prussian Blue by Max Factor to accent it with, for some reason I felt that they complimented each other well. Prussian Blue went on smoothly and was opaque in two swift coats, I must admit that I am starting to really love these little Max Factor bottles, the colours are really nice.  
 I had an idea in my head of how the flowers were going to look but I did them too big, they were meant to be dainty little flowers like a chain down the centre of my nail instead they were messy and big. I did do green vine things between them but they made it look even messier so I had to go back over them with Perle de Jade. Like I said I didn't like them when I did them last night but now a day on I like them a lot more. My plan for the accent nail was to do a leopard print but the black didn't show up very well so I left the darker nail on my other hand plain. 
I didn't put a topcoat on as I knew I wouldn't keep it on for long and I'm not sure if this is the reason why but my nail varnish peeled today! I sat there and peeled it all off :P it did feel good I must admit. 

Today I bought some glitter and I made my first franken! It was fun, I'm just gowing to show you a teaser now, I have it on atm, tomorrow I'll reveal it to you all! I need a name, I'm thinking tonight, hopefully I'll have one tomorrow for you :) I used my old Models Own 3in1 coat as I had hardly any left and it was glooping a bit, I thinkI might be hooked :P!

Seeyou tomorrow!!



Lizzy said...

I like that Prussian Blue. So deep and pretty. Sorry your design didn't work out the way you pictured it. :/ Happens to me a lot. Can't wait to see your Franken!! :D Looks cute.

Unknown said...

I could tell that it was leopard print! I like it!

Abbienail said...

Yeah it's pretty nice :) it's okay though! Peehee

Abbienail said...

Really? Cool thanks :P

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