Monday, 20 August 2012

Birthday mani - Illamasqua Monogamous and The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple

Hi, today I have my first Illamasqua to show you, weeheee it's Monogamous a gorgeous rubbery finished fleshy nude...on everyone else, on me it pulls quite yellowy but not as yellow as the photos show though. It had a good formula and a decent brush and despite the finish it was no trouble to apply.
This is two coats, it was almost a one coater but there were some bald patches. This is the only photo I can use as my canyons are back :( and all the others are weird colours haha. To make it special for my birthday I added Vote for Purple by The Hungry Asian which is a gorgeous mix of purple and silver different sized and shaped glitter. It's special for me as I don't often wear glitter but I love purple and this is pretty and delicate but still sparkly :). I used one thin coat as I wanted it kind of sparse (which is hard with such a jam packed glitter)

I had to include the macaroon picture as they are my favourite treat but they are super hard to find in the UK outside of London but now a new bakery has opened up in Nottingham which makes them!! Wooo, they aren't as good as the ones from Paris but they'll do, the chocolate ones are to die for though! I only wanted to try macaroons because Blair from Gossip Girl used to order Pistachio flavour ones direct from Paris ;).

I know I'm getting at least two polishes for my birthday so I'll post them tomorrow or the next day :) have a good day/night!


M. Fourey said...

Abbie :D Happy happy bithday, or as we would say here: cumpleaños feliz ^^ I hope you have a great night, as I know you will have great presents :p

Ladurée macarons' are to die for, I totally agree! Those frenchie sweets come directly from hell, I say.

Monogamous looks gorgeous, I totally need it but am afraid it would not look good on me. I already look like I am undead, ya' know. Truth be told, I like it even more layered with that beauty :)

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

Happy birthday!! The peach-y nude Illa looks fantastic with that glitter!! Excellent combo!

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

That is so elegant and classy looking! I really Monogamous layered with The Hungry Asian polish. And that macaroon looks yummy!

Lizzy said...

Happy Birthday, darling! Monogamous is such a funky weird polish. lol Kinda cool, though, in it's weirdness. That purple glitter is pretty amazing, too. I had no idea what that macaroon was until you said. XD Can't wait to see what polishes you got!

Kas said...

Happy Birthday (It's still Monday where I am :) So It's still your birthday! ) Beautiful Birthday combo. I'm starting to REALLY love how nude polishes look with glitter recently.

Katie Simpson said...

Happy Birthday!

Very classy and elegant looking :)

Candy - Mademoiselle Candice vernis ses ongles! said...

I really like this combo, it is interesting!

Candy - Mademoiselle Candice vernis ses ongles! said...

And I hope you had great polishes for your birthday! :)

Unknown said...

I looove macarons! They're quite overpriced though considering they're just made out of sugar and egg whites >.< But I guess it's the labor people pay for. Happy belated birthday!

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