Friday, 17 August 2012

Hello Kitty nail art

Hi, whilst I still have my lightning nail art on I figured I would show you my sister's nails that she requested, Hello Kitty accents. I was a bit apprehensive but I'm really pleased with how they turned out :). I used my black nail art pen, Barry M matte White, yellow nail art pen and a random no 17 polish of my sister's.  

This one is definitely my favourite, despite the yellow on her face :P. She was actually quite easy to draw as there's not a lot to the design. Btw she painted the pink nails, not me...haha. 

Yesterday we went to london for the day which was really fun but even better were the comments I got on my nails. We went to Illamasqua to get my birthday present :D :D and the lady on the till saw my nails and asked 'are they stick ons?' I explained that I did them and she was shocked and then she said.....'that's better than Wah nails!!!' I was just like :0 thank youuuuuuu then she said I should paint nails as a living. What a compliment! Also the lady in Harrods said basically the same things! It made me very happy :). 

I bought one bottle of polish myself from Illamasqua which I'm sure I will be wearing after I remove the lightning. :)  and mum bought me two for my bday which you'll be able to see in 5 days wooo! The suspense ;). 

Also I've just bought some nail art brushes (finally!) off ebay three stripers and three slim pointed brushes, I can't wait for them to arrive! I have an idea of what I want to do with them and my two bday illamasqua polishes :D. 

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my nail art, I've loved reading every single one and I shall be replying to them now, you lot make it worth while honestly, I'm touched by the kind words that everyone has!! 
*EDIT: I tried to reply to comments but blogger is having a freak out and has deleted my comment box? I can click reply but then a box with my blog comes in its soon as it's fixed I will reply I promise*


M. Fourey said...

Ohh how cute ^^ I am not a fan of Hello Kitty but I would definitely try those, they are not too in your face and soooooo sweet!

I am not surprised about the compliments, those bolts were seriously amazing; I just HAD TO show 'em to The Boyfriend and well... my nail art seemed rubbish afterwards buy hey, I can take that. Because seriously, it was pure perfection.

Unknown said...

People are always saying the same to me, that I should start a business or something! I'm just >.< I do it for fun! Plus I don't want to deal with other peoples nails...because I never realized it but some people have really janky nails and expect me to work magic with This is cute, although I don't really like Hello Kitty much.

Lizzy said...

*cries* I'm so in love with this. hehehe So happy I cried a little. LOVE IT! Also, your sister has the same kind of nails I did for a while. All of them would break and end up short except my pinkies that just grew and grew. lol I'm glad that's better now.... Great design!! :D

Unknown said...

This is great! Can't believe you managed that freehand so well, mine would be a mess!

I tagged you for an award! :)

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