Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Guest post! My lovely friend Lizzy :)

Hello again! Surprise! Haha I realised I'd have no posts for this week so I called on someone who I knew I could rely on and who deserves more readers! Lizzy is a lovely lady from Texas and she fast became my online friend :) her blog has loads of personality and humour and y'all should head over to her blog after reading this obviously ;). So here you go, enjoy! 

A hearty "Hello" dear readers of AbbieNail! I'm Lizzy, the blogstress behind Lizzy's Place. OMG
 How excited was I when Abbie asked me to guest post while she's away?!  I hope I don't disappoint. I agonized for almost half an hour over what I should do. Should I blast her readers with some fabulous crackle? Naw. Display the last of the polishes she swapped to me? Good idea, but naw. OH! I know! One of my absolute favorite designs of Abbie's is her insanely cute Banana Mani! Now, I'm no Abbie and trying to attempt anything even close to this (with, say, mangos) would result in certain defeat and shame. So I decided to go another way with some banana-inspired monkeys!

What do you think? Cute? Maybe?! Yeah, I need some practice.  Still, if you like the idea or colors I'll share how I did it. Starting with a base of Ulta: Chocolate Kiss 

Now that looks just like how chocolate should taste. So yummy. I used my largest balled dotting tool to kind of spread on the mouth part with essence: Nude It!

Then I used a medium sized dotter to dot-and-drag on some eyeballs with Sinful Colors: Snow Me White

 I think that was my favorite stage. Then I used a nail polish pen to draw on the eyes, mouth and outline the head. I think my index finger turned out the best.

I finished up with a generous layer of topcoat to bring it all together and then topped that with the matte topcoat. For those of you thinking "Those look like brown frogs. You should have added noses."... My husband said the same thing. LOL Actually he said they look like monkeys, I said they look like frogs, he said I should have given them noses.  Oops. Hope you enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for humoring me and thank you, Abbie, for allowing me to ramble all over your blog. Hope you're having a fantastic time in Cornwall!! Also hope the rest of you are having a fabulous week as well. 

How cuuute! Maybe a little frog ish ;) just kidding, you did good Lizzy! Matte is your all time favourite and it looks good here! I hope everyone enjoyed this guest post as much as I did and now go check out Lizzy's blog :D 


Katie Simpson said...

Very cute :)

I'm popping over to Lizzy's blog now for a peek!

Lizzy said...

Yay! Happy to have ya! :D

Lizzy said...

OMG I knew facebook's smilies were going to tweak up the post. XD Thanks again for having me as a guest. I had a lot of fun coming up with this idea. Hope your readers like it. *hearts*

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