Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Houndstooth and glitter leopard

Hi, I don't know how long it's been :( I'm really sorry that I haven't been blogging or commenting lately, just really long days at uni plus too much work means I have hardly changed my nails and there's not enough daylight to take photos with either :(.
I'm trying to get back into it I swear!

For now I'm back :P
I loved my two houndstooth nails so much that I had to do a whole manicure of it, but I wanted to maximise the amount of designs I'm doing at a time so I only did one hand, the other I did glittery leopard print!

My index finger looks funny as it's not my actual nail, instead it is a kind of cast of my former nail made from layers of tea bag bandage from my rip :(. For some reason after I'd taken my cast off I decided to just cut my nail down to the rip.....worst idea ever, it's so short now :( it has grown a fair bit but when I show it you tomorrow, you'll see it's still short though. Anyway to protect my nail dignity I rebandaged my nail and then stuck the cast onto it with topcoat and then painted over the top of the old design. Soooo much effort but the cast didn't last long, it soon started to bend at the end so I took it off the next day after this photo was taken :/.
The gold is Barry M Gold Foil topped with three coats of Barry M Gold Glitter which will never be opaque but it looked okay layered over the gold foil.

I love love love the houndstooth though!! It just looks cool y'know.
I've entered the houndstooth, my Lightning Storms and my Galaxy nail art into the Barry M nail art competition to win either £100, £50 or £35 worth of Barry M goodies!! I'm sure I won't win but it's still good to enter for exposure purposes ;).

Seeyou all again soon (if you're still here :P)


The Sneakerette said...

this look rocks! i love your nail shape btw (:

Unknown said...

Houndstooth is seriously awesome! And I like how you layered the gold polishes, looks nice.

M. Fourey said...

It looks perfect! Love that houndstooth ^^
I am glad you're back! And don't worry, I am sure that you'll win a prize. because seriously all the designs you sent are amazing. I have a special crush for the bolts though ;)
The story of that cut nail was so funny! You actually tried to glue it again somehow? hahaha! Nail dignity! That was quite desperate! Don't worry, It'll grow fast enough and this way you'll be value more your unbreakable nails!

GoingtotheShowing said...

Both of these are awesome!

Unknown said...

I really really liked it! =D

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