Friday, 23 November 2012

Snakeskin nail art

If you've read this blog for a while you'll know that 1) I loooove Macaroons and 2) I've wanted to do snakeskin print for aaaages. Tonight's post has both of these things yay!

So all I've done here is 4 coats of Barry M Nude then I simply drew lots of little diamonds in random patterns to look like scales using a nail art pen, my fingers hurt after this one :P. I think it looks pretty cool ;).

My sad naked index finger :( that I had to file down, the tear is slowly moving towards the tip of the nail as it's growing but it's still so short compared to the rest! :( grow faster!

 MMMMM Pistachio and Coffee macaroons....I have included these as I can't get hold of them in Ipswich but my boyf went to London for uni and he suprised me with these went he got home!! How sweet, I wasn't expecting it at all...he's the best :) ^^
I have a post planned for monday/sunday so look out for that!
Have a good weekend everyone, tomorrow I'm off to the zooooo woohooooo


natalsie said...

Great design - I thought it was a stamp, because it looked so perfect))

Lizzy said...

Totally awesome!! So detailed. You always amaze me.

M. Fourey said...

It looks great! I still have on my to do list a snake pattern to match my snake' skin! And yay for the BF! :)

Nail it hot said...

Its sooo awesome!!

Unknown said...

Always blowing me away with your nail designs! Plus I looooove French macarons!!

The Sneakerette said...

i love macarons too!!!!!!! let me know if you ever visit LA, i know of this awesome macaron shop that you must try!

your snakeskin print looks so perfect btw!! i can't believe you did all the diamonds by hand, i would have assumed that you used a stamp or something (:

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