Saturday, 11 May 2013

Flossgloss - Con Limon bossin' swatches

Hey :) hope everyone's well?

So my Flossgloss order arrived this week, yay! I was so embarrassingly so...ha! But can you blame me really??
Yeah, I thought not.
PERF, Neon Nacho and Con Limon and stickers yeahhhh. It was love at first sight with all three, so much gorgeous in one place :D. I had to use Con Limon first, just look at it, it's amazing! Ha.

I used 3/4 coats over white to make sure that it was opaque and neon, the formula was a tad streaky but nothing major, it dried nice and quick, it dries kinda shiny too which is cool. I'm going to stop talking now, just look at the photos

                                                                          Put yo guns up
In actual love with my nails right now! Sooooo florescent, it's the perfect mix of green and yellow to make this molten, hawwwt colour. Yeah my nails are boss. Yeah I just said that.
I am currently pimping these nails out which you'll see some time soon ;) so what do you think of flossgloss? 


Galorious said...

ive been waiting for this post since you posted it on insta! loove the colour!

Abbienail said...

Hahaha, I'm glad you're not disappointed :)

M. Fourey said...

Ayyyyy major love from my side of the screen! Your nails ARE boss, yeah!

Lizzy said...

omg Totally boss! Love love love it! Shame the bottle looks so small. Can't wait to see Con Limon all pimped out. ;)

Katie Simpson said...

That lime is soooo gorgeous, love it!

M said...

Every time you post I get serious nail envy! This is beautiful!

Mollie xo

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