Friday, 3 May 2013

Hattie Stewart inspired nails

I'm back! Hopefully :P I have been super busy and weighed down with uni work; making a website, printing portfolio, doing a boring blog (not this one heheheh) a research review and two photographic projects! Gah so I hope you'll still have me! ;). I have so little time that I literally painted my nails once since my last post!! I still haven't filed my nails since :0 and I still have this nail art on bearing in mind I did it 8 days ago! Wow I have been busy! Yeah next week is my last week of second year :( can't believe it's come round so fast! Okay so many exclamation marks, need to slow down bahahahaha.

Onto the nails...I recently discovered, via Company magazine, an amazing British illustrator Hattie Stewart, you need to check out her website :) I like to think of some of her work as slightly feminist which is NOT a bad thing!! Her illustrations are cute and creepy and just cooooool. So I took a look at most of her work and chose some bits to copy onto my nails but in neon, I'm on a total neon kick at the moment! Hah.
They took a couple of hours to do, I spread them out over two nights as I had other stuff to do, so I was rocking one hand done and the other was just white :P.

You can see the neon in the second photo, the middle and ring fingers are based off a drawing she posted on instagram @hattiestewart :) it's an orange hahahaa. I was happy to find that I could still use my left hand to draw/paint reasonably well.  
The orange - China Glaze Orange Knockout
The Green - China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard (Thanks Lizzy! Still loving it as much as when you sent it me <3)
The Pink - Sparitual Dreamsicle

I got two more China Glaze's the other day from Sally Salon Services when I went home to shoot last weekend, Flying Dragon and Turned up Turquoise hehehehhehehe also I am trying very hard to resist the new Chanel's and Dior's Birds of Paradise! Argh

You know the other day I said I wanted some flossgloss? Weeeeeell I might have caved and bought 3 despite the $25 shipping! They're worth it (I hope) I can't wait for them to get here, I'll leave you in suspense as to which colours I got...

Seeyou soooooon


Lizzy said...

OMG Girl!! This mani is too fab. I love it! lol You're so very welcome and you are going to LOVE Turned Up Turquoise. Flying Dragon maybe not as much... depends on what you're expecting. Congrats making it another year at uni!!!!! Can't wait to see more of you around.

Missy M (Gnarly Gnails) said...

Gah! These are wicked!!

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