Sunday, 7 July 2013

Junk Food nail art

Hi, so I've been mia for a while as, quite frankly, life has been in the way of know how time just runs away with you and before you know it it's been two weeks already! My blogging has slowed down again because I just haven't been doing my nails! I've been thinking about my blog compared to others and I realise that I don't have to keep apologising for not blogging all the time, that's not what my blog is about, it's about sharing the nail art that I do with like minded people who don't care how often I post :) my blog is a platform for people to read about what the thoughts were behind the nails and to see more pictures than I give on instagram. So I am finally happy in my blogging skin, as it were ;).

Now I've got over the deep ish let's get on with the happy nail art :D
What do you do when you don't know what to put on your nails? You look around for inspiration, wallpaper, clothing, the internet or in this case your fridge ;) ok so my fridge doesn't actually contain any of the following :( but my head is full of it :p. Of course I'm on about good ol junk food. I figured it was a while since I had done any cartoon style work (if ever) so no time like the present ;).
These nails turned out the way I had in my head which is always a good thing and also a rarity ha!
My base colour is the beautiful Illamasqua Nomad, then I painted the food stuffs on with my little paint brush using various nail polishes, once they had dried I went around the edges with a black nail art pen and then to finish I went and put the all important white highlights on with the white nail pen, that white highlight turns the images from flat to living cartoony foods hahaha.
I didn't do my left hand as I smudged the polish on basically every finger and I really couldn't be bothered to fix it and then do nail art lol
My pinky is chips/fries with ketchup, then nachos with cheese, chocolate cake with caramel sauce and pepperoni pizza mmmmmm my thumb says I love junk food (I'm not sure why it's out of focus, sorry!)

Freakily my mum came home from work and said that it was world food week at the school she works at so obviously I had to do her nails according to the menu ;)

 She has from pinky inwards, pizza, fish and chips, curry (really hard to think of how to portray that ha) burger and on the thumbs a taco and a fajita.

She said that everyone at work loved them, especially the chips, they're my fav too, and that they thought they were transfers :p I am quite proud of them hehe.

I'm going to play catch up and comment now on all the blogs I've been neglecting! Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather (if it's sunny where you are!) see you all soon :)


Kas said...

Eeeeeee these are amazing! And now I want a really greasy slice of pizza. Yum :P

Tamit24 said...

I'm stunned with your talent!!!
amazing :)
pizza looks so so yummy :D

Lizzy said...

That is so cool you and your mom matched! :D Nomad is absolutely gorgeous, it doesn't even matter that you didn't do your left hand. I think your blogging style works for you. No sense posting more often if you don't have that much to say; then you'd just hate it and never post again! *cries* I couldn't live if that happened. Have you been busy with school? It's summer break here. lol Oh, and we had pizza tonight so I kinda match your nails, too. ;)

Unknown said...

No need to apologize for not blogging often! Because whatever you DO produce is gold. Better that than boring posts!! Plus I got 400+ blog posts to catch up on weekly so I appreciate you not posting every day lol.

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