Thursday, 2 February 2012

Models Own Purple Blue (Beetle Juice) Swatches and Review

I got the Beetle Juice collection literally the minute they came available online but I've only worn each one once...I was so excited when I saw the promo photos so I felt bad for neglecting them so I put purple blue over forget me not to do some swatches as the sun was out! It was 1 degree outside but the sun was shining so I took advantage. 

All these photos are taken with sunlight as the only light source! It was so bright :D one layer of varnish. 

Here it is blue and purple glitter...

As you can see here it now looks pink and purple...

A bit out of focus but it shows all the different colours in the polish

When the sun hits it it changes to a gorgeous coppery orange, strange photo I know but it was the only way to capture the orange, look how sparkly it is!

The final photo shows all four colours, orange, pink, purple and blue. 

As I said this is only one coat as it is over another polish but I think it would need 3 to be completely opaque, it's a gorgeous colour, my second favourite behind Emerald Black but that's one of my nail varnishes that's at home :(. It's easy enough to remove and has a decent drying time, I don't what else to say apart from I like it and I wish the sun would come out more often so I could wear it :). 

Because I didn't post yesterday due to uni deadline being tomorrow :| I'm going to post another beetle juice swatch today!

Have you got any of these polishes? Would you want any? 


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