Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Camo on camo et Tipsyzine!!

Hey, I know I keep saying this everytime but thank you for sticking with me! And woohoo to 150 followers! I cant promise that my posting will get more even as deadlines are coming up :( so I have less and less time to do my nails never mind blog! I feel so bad though cos I should have posted this agessss ago...I've been up to Lincoln since thursday to visit an old friend and only got back yesterday, it was fun but the journey back was soooo long. Anyway I didn't have time to post before I went, I've only just removed this nail art, that means I've had it on for an entire week!!

I noticed that a couple of people had been looking for camo nail art so I thought I shall re do them as my skills have improved ;). The thing about camo nails is that they are redonkulously easy. I didn't even use a base colour, just did it straight onto mty base coat...how cheeky of me ;). I used Barry M Gold Foil and Black, Models Own Purple Poppy and China glaze Westside Warrior and a dotting tool.

Some of you may know of Astrowifey (my love for her is eternal) and her new project of making a magazine dedicated to nail art well I sent off some false nails in summer which unfortunately didn't make the cut however when I opened it I saw my nails as one of the 7 instagram nail people to follow!!! OMG I was so shocked as I was not told of this, it was such a nice surprise though!

Look it's my nails!!! @abbienail is my instagram btw ;)
So cooooooool, I posted a picture of this onto my facebook and got 40 likes on it!!
Tipsyzine is pretty awesome, I even got a poster that is proudly hung on my noticeboard featuring nails by Haus of Lacquer :). I think Tipsy is still available to buy from tipsyzine.com so if you are interested in nail art then defintely check it out!


Unknown said...

You deserve it, your nails are awesome!!

The Sneakerette said...

AHH i totally love this! im like really into camo everything right now, i've been wanting a camo jacket for the longest time! congrats on your feature!!!!!!!!!! that is sooo cool, and i'm super happy for you! i had no idea you were on instagram, im gonna follow you now since i recently got one too :D

M. Fourey said...

The look is great but I need to dedicate this comment to congratulate you on this amazing news! :D I am so happy for you! You deserve it, for sure, it's not luck at all. You've worked your way there, and I am so happy for you!

Unknown said...

Your nail art is seriously amazing so I'm not surprised :) GOOD JOB!!!

Lizzy said...

So exciting!! :D Congratulations. Great camo, too.

Jamie @ Polish, Please! said...

This is so exciting! Way to go you!!

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